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The astronaut reading light lamp

Astronaut reading light lamp

While researching for the most interesting products that we can showcase to you sometimes we really come across a product which floors us with its unique design and lateral thinking. This astronaut reading light lamp is one such unique product.

Astronaut reading light lamp

This night lamp is a unique and creative LED reading light that also looks really cute. It has a USB charger since the power consumption is extremely small. As a result, the lamp is really easy to maintain and move around.

It also works perfectly to light up your laptop keyboard as it can be switched on and off along with the device.

How to use this unique reading lamp?

All you need to do to switch this lamp on is to open the helmet of the astronaut. To switch off the lamp, you just need to close the helmet.

Here is a video showcasing how the products looks and feels.

Who is the perfect recipient for this product?

  • This product will be perfect for the astronomy lovers in your life who would love to have a night light that reminds them of their interest in astronomy at all times
  • This will also make for a perfect gift for kids who are really interested in science.
  • This lamp will make for a perfect addition to Star Wars space themed birthday parties as well.

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