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Aurora Borealis light projector | Realistic northern lights projector

Aurora Borealis light projector | Realistic northern lights projector

Going to the Arctic and watching Aurora light up the night sky in beautiful colors is one of the life long dreams for me. If you have someone in your life who shares this dream but has not been able to travel so that he/she can watch this nature’s marvel, the Aurora Borealis light projector would be the perfect gift for them.

It would also be the perfect gift for someone who has already seen the northern lights in real life but is constantly wishing to relive the experience. We have also done a detailed post on astronomy gifts that you can buy for your partner if he/she is a space nerd.

Aurora Borealis light projector

This light project does exactly what its name defines. It is able to convert the ceiling of your bedroom to a beautiful night sky, illuminated by the aurora lights.

The product we are talking about here comes with seven different light modes and also has the option of choosing six different white noises. It is compatible with Bluetooth. set the timer for the device so that you don’t to shut so when required. The product comes with a remote through which you can control aspects like light brightness and white noise mode.

Since it is compatible with Bluetooth can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker. The product has a rotating mode so you can have the complete experience of watching the aurora. Since the product is extremely flexible in its usage, it would work as a night light, white noise machine or a speaker.

Here is a video showcasing the usage of the product.

Who is the perfect recipient for this product?

  • This product will be perfect for the astronomy lover in your life who may or may not have seen the Aurora Borealis in its full natural glory and would like to have that experience as frequently as possible.
  • It also makes for a great projector for your kids room.

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