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BenShot Bullet Rocks whiskey glass with a real bullet


If you are a whiskey connoisseur or someone who likes to have his drinks in style, there is nothing that can get more manly than the extremely unique whiskey glass with a real bullet. We have also written about some other cool drinking accessories in the past including a beer glass with bullet or a golf ball embedded in it. 

BenShot Bullet Rocks whiskey glass with a real bullet

After a hard day at work, having a bourbon or whisky in style is something a whiskey connoisseur would definitely appreciate. The Benshot bullets rocks glass comes with a real bullet embedding. Although there are multiple such products available today, this is one of the most recognized and legacy product from this category.

The unique design of the glass gives the impression of being bulletproof and that it has stopped a bullet dead in its path.  

At the same time you don’t have to worry about issues like gunpowder or lead with your drink as the glass is completely safe for drinking. The embedded bullet, although real, does not have any harmful residue with and is also completely lead free. 

In addition, the quality of this handmade glass is very good with a highly premium look and feel.This is a ‘Made in USA’ product with a packaging box that can be used readily for gifting. 

Who is this product perfect for? 

The embedded bullet whiskey glass is perfect as a gifting option for the whiskey lovers in your life including your husband, brother, father or coworkers. It will also make for a cool and unique gift for Christmas or fathers’ day.

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