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Whiskey soap

Whiskey soap from Kentucky bourbon

Whiskey soap is a great gift for Whiskey lovers. Anyone who is a connoisseur of Scotch or Bourbon would surely appreciate the thought behind this unique gift. In addition, it also works as a great soap with amazing scent options and is American made.

Whiskey soap makes for one of the best Whiskey gift options

We have done a full series of posts on best Whiskey gift options for you to consider that you can refer here. This soap is a perfect addition to this list since it a product made from Kentucky Bourbon with a rich and oaky scent.

It boasts of completely natural ingredients as well. Since the unique smell of the soap is derived from the Whiskey itself, it does not come off as an artificial additive. The product is made in small batches that helps to maintain it’s quality and appeal.

It is also completely safe for skin since it is made of natural ingredients and is phthalate-free. In addition to the novelty factor, the soap is also great as a bath accessory. It cleans really well and doesn’t dry up the skin of the user also. 

Who is the perfect recipient of the Whiskey soap?

  • Awesome gift for men who are Whiskey or Scotch lovers
  • Great Christmas gift for coworkers or bosses
  • Retirement gift

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