Space shuttle rocket lamp

Space shuttle rocket lamp

If you are looking for a gift for the astronomy lovers in your life, gifting them a lamp could be a really good idea. Lambs are a really versatile gift which can be used at home or in office. At the same time they offer a lot of flexibility in terms of the occasion for which they are suitable. All these factors make the space shuttle rocket lamp a perfect gift for the space lover in your life.

Space shuttle rocket lamp

This rocket lamp is 3D printed and built with biodegradable PLA. It is rechargeable as well. After full charge it is able to provide light for up to 9 hours. It can be recharged with a USB port and is quite handy.

The unique design of the rocket actually showcases the scene at the time of launch for a rocket. This scene is made even more beautiful with the bright exhaust from the rocket providing light to the room. This lamp is not only a great lighting accessory but it is also a unique item of décor that you can put up in your home or in office.

Who is the recipient of this product?

  • This product will make for a great gift for the space nerd in your life irrespective of the occasion.
  • If you are planning to gift something to a child who is into science and astronomy, this will be a very exciting gift option for them.

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