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Find the cat picture game | Find the cat puzzle book

Find the cat picture game and puzzle

Having just picked up a Where’s Waldo book the other day, I can safely confirm that it’s a mind trap that doesn’t allow you to look away until you’ve found Waldo on the page. Once you find him, you’ve broken free until your eyes meet a new page. Well, now there’s a book that lets you find a cat on each page instead of Waldo, and it makes the perfect gift idea for cat lovers! The find the cat picture game puzzle book will be the perfect addition in the life of your cat obsessed friend.

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Find the cat picture game and puzzle

There are multiple persons brain teasers memes and pictures available online which challenge you to find an adorable cat hiding in the picture. This find the cat picture game is based on a similar concept. It challenges adults to spot the images of cats and kittens in a range of color photographs.

What does the cat puzzle book consist of?

This picture game book comes with hundreds of specially selected photographs that will definitely exercise your brain. The good thing about the book is that it also has the solution for all puzzles at the back of the book. So, whenever the going gets tough, you can always flip to the back of the book where the answer to each puzzle will show you where each cat is hiding.

The book consists of a wide variety of images ranging from photos of the wilderness, to living rooms, ancient ruins or a city. Some of the hidden cats are relatively easier to spot whereas a lot of them are nearly impossible to find the cat.

This picture game cat book has a spiral-bound design and contains more than 150 pages with full-color photographs.

Who is the perfect recipient for this product?

  • This product is perfect for the cat obsessed friend in your life.
  • The product will also be the perfect gift for a friend who loves brain teasers and is really into the visual ones.

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