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Lego Blocks Waffle Maker

Lego Waffle Maker

Lego has always been incredibly popular and fun, not just for kids but for all ages. I’ve been playing with Lego for the past 35 years :O now I feel old. What if I told you that your obsession for Lego could be combined with your passion for waffles too?

Bringing a whole new meaning to playing with your food, this epic waffle maker created by “Waffle Wow” allows you to create waffles in the shape of Lego building blocks. Stack em, build em, create a waffle castle and fill your moat with golden syrup, yummy. You’re only limited by your imagination. Once you’ve built your creation dive right in and devour it you animal!

If you purchase a Lego block waffle maker, we would LOVE to see your creations. Anyone who sends us a picture of their Lego Waffle Buildings will receive a $10 Amazon gift voucher!

Lego block waffle maker castle

A truly fantastic kitchen gadget that allows you to create a fun and edible breakfast.

The waffles you create will actually interlock with each other, so you haven’t got to worry about it tumbling down or falling apart.

The building block maker boasts that it’s the first of its kind and allows you to create 14 blocks in each batch consisting of different sizes. 2 1 x 1, 10 2 x 1 and 2 4×1.

Although not quite reaching the market yet the Lego waffle maker is set to hit stores in August 2020, still in it’s kickstarter phase we are excited to get our hands on one!

It will also come with the added extra of a bottom plate which gives you a solid foundation to create your waffle masterpieces on.

Check out the video below to see it in action!

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