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Cool Lamps | Unique & Novelty Lamps

Unique & cool lamps and novelty desk lamps

Lamps are one of the most versatile lighting option that you can choose. There are innumerable designs to choose from and there is always an option for every decor. But sometimes you would want something unique and whimsical for your home. In this article, we have listed out some of the most unique and novelty lamps that you can buy for your home or office.

Cool Lamps | Unique & Novelty Desk Lamps

Here is our definitive list of the most unique and cool lamps that you can buy today.

Pennywise Lamp

We have written a detailed post about the red balloon lamp from ‘IT’ in the past as well. This lamp is an accurate representation of the red balloon used by the legendary clown Pennywise in the highly successful horror movie. With just a simple button press, you can make your room light up with this piece of move memorabilia. The Pennywise red lamp is a great way to light up places like your man cave, bedroom or the home theater.

Christmas Story Leg Lamp

Just like the ‘IT’ lamp mentioned above, the leg lamp is one of the most popular pieces of Christmas movie memorabilia. We have also written a whole post about the lamp and its popularity. In fact, you can also buy full size replicas of this lamp. Featured in the movie ‘A Christmas story’, this unique lamp is in the design of a leg with a sleek curve.

Levitating Moon Lamp

Levitating moon lamp is a novelty item that will also make for a perfect romantic gift. It uses magnetic levitation principle so that the lamp is suspended in mid air and spins automatically. The lamp offers multiple color options to choose from. It can be a great gift  for decorating your bedroom, kid’s room or office space.

Saturn Planet Lamps

Just like the moon lamp, this multicolored Saturn Lamp will also make for a great gift for astronomy lovers. It comes with easy switching between colors and the brightness can also be adjusted comfortably. It can be operated with touch or with the use of a remote control.

Pacman Lamp

For a lot of people, playing Pacman has been a highlight of their childhoods. With this unique Pacman lamp, you can immortalize your love for the iconic arcade game. It comes with a remote-controlled dimming switch and also boasts of the very recognizable sound effects from the game. The lamp will definitely add to the nostalgia quotient for your home and does not require any batteries.

Stackable Tetris Lamp

Just like the Pacman lamp.above, the Tetris lamp is also an awesome night light with relation to a video game. It has seven pieces and is a faithful reproduction of the game. The lamp is stackable and you can create a DIY customized version for you. It will work as a decorative item and will be a great gift for people who love puzzles as well.

Super Mario Question Block Lamp

Continuing with the theme of video game affiliated unique novelty lamps, this lighting accessory features the iconic question mark symbol from Super Mario Bros. The lamp has a very cool design where it has a jumping Mario in the famous punching pose as the chain pull.

Nuclear Explosion Lamp

A mushroom cloud born out of a nuclear explosion is one of the most iconic images of the 20th century. It has also been a staple of innumerable movies and TV shows. This 3D printed lamp is designed like the mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion. The molding resin used for the lamp is obtained from plant based resources and is very environment friendly.

Wooden Mushroom Lamp

The wooden mushroom light is a fun option for a kid’s room or the bedroom. The lamp is made from BPA-free silicone. It also has a rubber wood base that provides the lamp additional stability. It allows for 4 different modes of operation and optimizes the light output of the lamp with a remote control.

Rocket or Space Shuttle Lamp

We have written about the rocket lamp in the past. Just like the nuclear cloud lamp, this lamp also is 3D printed. It has a shape that is an accurate representation of a space shuttle. It boasts of a one-button switch for operations like managing brightness. The lamp uses environment friendly material for fabrication.

Folding Book Lamp

This lamp is not only a unique piece of lighting for your home, it will also make for a great gift for the book lovers in your life. The lamp looks like a book with pages and can be switched on or off by opening and closing the book. It offers multiple color options and can be recharged with a USB connection. The product is also environmentally friendly and completely recyclable.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lamp

The fanbase of Star wars is really obsessed with the movies and the memorabilia associated with it. This millennium falcon lamp is an officially licensed movie merchandise. It is a great gift for anyone who loves Sci-fi movies or is really into astronomy as well. It is a USB powered lamp that will be an awesome addition to your bedroom, study or the man cave.

Stylish Cat Shaped Desk Lamp

This novelty lamp is suitable for small kids especially for girls. It is pink in color and can also be used as an office lamp as an eclectic décor item. The lamp is foldable in such a manner that it takes a cookie like disc shape in the final form. As a result, it is highly travel friendly as well. It has a built in battery that can be charged easily.

Cute Dinosaur Table Lamp

This cute dinosaur night lamp is a perfect addition to your kid’s room. Or if you know any adults who are really into Jurassic park, it will also make for a fun and unique gift. We have listed other dinosaur related products like the dinosaur taco holders in the past that you can also check out. The lamp has a soft silicone hollow body and built-in rechargeable batteries with an amazing battery life. 

Octopus Lamp

The Octopus lamp is not only a lighting accessory but will also work as a cool interior décor piece in your home. With its intricately designed body, it will be a great addition even as a piece of art. The lamp boasts of a red body and highly detailed coiling tentacles with a bronze finish. It will give a coastal theme to your room and would work very well as a night light.

Jellyfish lamp

Continuing with the coastal theme, the jellyfish lamp will be a nice addition if you are looking for something modern and eclectic. These lamps boast of artificial jellyfishes that look realistic. The effect of extensions floating away slowly behind their bodies is incredibly lifelike. The lamp also comes with an automatic shutdown function and can provide a peaceful and calm ambience to your home.

Steam Punk Robot Desk Lamp

Unlike our post about the Steampunk rocket lamp, this steampunk desk lamp has a more robotic form. The lamp is highly sturdy since it is made of galvanized iron. It boasts of copper cables as well. This lamp works both as a lighting accessory and a decoration piece for your home.

Astronaut Desk Lamp

We have featured a USB astronaut lamp in the past. With a similar theme, this floating in Space astronaut lamp has a moon at the center. The body of the astronaut that is the source of light is tethered to the moon and can be repositioned according to your preference. The lamp is both USB and battery powered for comfortable usage.

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Lamp

This lamp has the most legendary piece of fan items from the Harry potter movies (Except may the glasses and wand). If you know someone who is a Potterhead or kids who love books, this golden snitch lamp is an amazing product to buy. Based on the legendary and imaginary game of Quidditch from the Harry Potter universe, this lamp is an officially licensed piece and features the golden snitch in plastic bell jar. It is a USB powered lamp that is also environment friendly.

Funny Dinosaur Desk Lamp

This funny and highly innovative dinosaur desk lamp is suitable for home or office spaces. It has a body made of high quality hardwood that is adjustable in different orientations. It comes with three different light temperature settings depending on your preference. It also works as a decorative sculpture for the home.

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