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Gotcha Cap | Baseball cap with self defense tool

Baseball cap with self defense tool

The Gotcha Cap is a baseball cap with self defense tool. Not only is it functional but also looks good as well. You can also check out our detailed post on disguised self defense weapons.

Baseball cap with self defense tool

This awesome disguised self defense weapon comes in the shape of a standard baseball cap, but its hiding a secret under its bill. A handy self defense weapon that will help fend of attackers or help you win a street fight if that’s your thing. Please note we do not condone any shape or form of violence.

Gotcha is created by a company called fab defense who specialise in self defense weapons and accessories located in Israel.

You can wear it wherever you go and its a perfectly disguised self defense weapon that is within easy reach for times of need. Lets say you’re walking down the street and some guy is like “hey give me your cheeseburger” you say “no” in a firm voice, but this guy is hungry, he’s not giving it up. So he tries to take it from you by force. You put your food in your pocket reach for the tool thats hidden in the bill of the cap, clench it in your hand with the pointy bits facing outwards and stick him with it. Man down. Put it back in your cap, take out your burger and continue to enjoy it.

The self defense Gotcha cap has been created in the most comfortable ergonomic design and is crafted from toughest and most durable polymer composite.

You can buy the cap in a plethora of different colors and designs and its fully adjustable for small to large heads.

Add this to your mase iPhone case that’s in your pocket and you’re pretty much invincible.

See it in action in the video below.

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