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21 best disguised self defense weapons you can buy online

The Stunning Gun By Blingsting

Disguised Self defense weapons have become increasingly popular in the crazy world we live in today. Worlds apart in what’s legal self defense in the USA to what’s legal in the UK though. So be sure to check the laws first before purchase.

Best disguised self defense weapons to buy online

These weapons come in many different shapes and sizes, some disguised self defense weapons and some are concealed, some created for women and some for men.

There is literally a weapon out there for just about everyone. Having these unique self defense weapons can help keep you safe and could possibly save your life. It will also give you a boost in confidence and settle your anxiety.

We do need to stress though that we do not condone any shape or form of violence but we firmly believe you have the right to defend yourself against attackers and it’s sad to say we live in a crazy world where some times its needed.

The weapons we feature on the following list are non-lethal self defense weapons but that doesn’t mean to say that they aren’t lethal put in the wrong hands or if things go wrong.

Disclaimer: Some of the weapons featured on this list may be banned and illegal in your locality and should under no circumstances be used by children or left in reach of children. Check with your local law enforcement before you purchase any items. We hold no responsibility for any subsequent purchases or incidents after reading this list. 

1. Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun

The usual pepper sprays that are available in the market have a limited range of 6-10 feet which means you cannot really use them as a deterrent. The Salt supply pepper spray gun has a range of over more than 150 feet which gives you much more flexibility.

Each of the self defense kits comes with a pepper spray gun and pepper spray rounds. In addition, since it is not a real gun, it does not impact you with kickbacks and loud noise when fired.

2. Folding Key Knife Blade

As if keys weren’t a good enough weapon in their own rights. I mean for years all over the world women have been using keys in self defense. The SOG Self defense key fits nicely on your keychains and blends in when surrounded by other keys. This “key” though is actually a foldable knife blade.

This cool and unique self defense weapon is not only good for protecting yourself against muggers and other criminals that may want to attack you. It makes for a handy tool. Perhaps to peel an apple?

Disguised folding key knife blade weapon

3.  Lipstick Pepper Spray

One for the ladies! Look at how cute they are, all different shades of colors available. Pretty diamante hearts on the front. Completely disguised as a harmless lipstick.

Well for some I suppose lipstick is their secret concealed self defense weapon!

Anyway this pepper spray can be completely concealed and hidden among your purse or make up bag. No attacker would ever suspect a thing. Make sure its pointing the right way at your attacker though when you spray it. Trust me pepper spray is not nice.

Pepper Spray Disguised as Lipstick - unique concealed self defense weapon

4. The Stunbrella (Umbrella Stun Gun)

We’re singing in the rain, just singing in the rain! Now you’re stunning.

This looks just like a run of the mill, standard umbrella. One you’d take out with you and carry on a dull day that looked like rain. Perhaps when walking the dog late at night.

Aptly named the Stunbrella this unsuspecting umbrella is actually a very powerful stun gun. Not only giving you an advantage with a 10inch extension on your reach but one zap and your perp is down!

Stunbrella Umbrella Concealed Stun Gun self defense weapon

5. Lipstick With Hidden Serrated Knife

Pucker up! Created by a company called Takedown who create self defense weapons to keep the ladies safe. This concealed serrated blade is well disguised as a lipstick.

Again something that you can easily carry around with you in your purse or handbag, or in your makeup bag. The Takedown lipstick knife opens up with a twist of the lid and reveals the black knife blade which is serrated on one side.

Knife Disguised as Lipstick By Pucker Up

6. The Umbuster (Umbrella Brass Knuckles)

Many names exist for the brass knuckles including knuckle dusters and knucks and they have been around for many years in different variations. Never as an umbrella though.

Used for hand combat at close range The umbuster incorporates brass knuckles with a harmless umbrella.

Not so sure myself on how this design would work well if you had the umbrella opened up on a windy day surely the drag would slow you down when throwing a punch. However still quite cleverly disguised as an umbrella and could be used in self defense.

Umbuster Umbrella With Concealed Knuckle Duster Weapon

7. Credit Card Folding Knife/Blade – A disguised self defense weapon

This innovatively designed folding knife blade can be folded down into a harmless credit card shaped flat rectangle and placed in your wallet. It is a disguised self defense weapon which can be concealed and carried around (depending on local laws) unsuspectingly in your wallet or purse.

It’s ultra-thin at just 2mm thickness and weighs less than 13 grams!

Durable and has many uses the credit card blade can be used for self defense or other cutting and slicing purposes.

Credit Card Folding Knife concealed and unique defense weapon

8. Knife Cigarette

The aluminium cigarette cleverly conceals a sharp pointy blade.

As far as concealed self defense weapons go the cigarette knife is among my favorites. Simply pop it in your cigarette packet among the cigarettes for it to be well disguised or if you’re an e-cigarette smoker then even better just put it in your pocket!

Lightweight and very durable the cigarette knife is innovative and well designed.

It measures 3.25 inches roughly the same size as a standard cigarette. You pull it apart revealing the blade to stick in your assailant, giving you the opportunity to escape or retaliate further.

Do please remember though as you’re halfway through this list nearly that these self defense weapons may be illegal for you to carry around in your locality so always check first to avoid getting locked up!

Knife Disguised As A Cigarette defense weapon

9. Kitty Key Chain

I would say that this looks like a cute kitty but it doesn’t it looks more like something the “Cat Woman” would use to defeat the bad guys. That being said the Kitty Keychain is hugely popular as a self defense weapon for women all over the world.

Made in the USA. Durable and tough. Designed to look like a kitty cat (whiskers included) the kitty keychain has two eye holes for you to slip your fingers through, the ears, well they are the pointy bit! Stick em with the pointy bit.

Created from a zinc alloy the kitty self defense keychain is lightweight and makes for a great disguised weapon.

Kitty Keychain Self Defense Weapon

10. The “Stunning” Gun

OK so there’s a lot more disguised self defense weapons on the market that are aimed at women than at the gents. I don’t want to sound sexist but I imagine that is because statistically more women are attacked by muggers and sexual predators.

The Stunning Gun, made by BlingSting is blinged up with diamantes and looks like a small purse. However, it’s not a purse. It’s a very powerful stun gun.

Blingsting do offer a range of pretty blinged up self defense weapons so would be worth having a look at their website.

It will kick out at full charge 950,000 volts! There’s no way the attacker is getting back up.

It comes with a little wrist strap so you can wrap it round your wrist and you won’t drop it.

Charged with lithium batteries for maximum impact the stunning gun is a hugely popular self defense weapon for women, its been reviewed and tested thoroughly by women and students all over the USA.

The Stunning Gun By Blingsting - disguised unique self defense weapon

11. HyperWhistle

The worlds loudest whistle called hyperwhistle.

Perhaps not what you would call an immediate self defense weapon, however one blow on this whistle and everyone in the vicinity will hear, you’re also likely to scare off your attacker or better yet deafen them.

Better described as a survival gadget, I’ve featured it on this list because many people carry it as a kind of alarm. The whistle really is loud and lives up to its claims at 142db. A few blows on this whistle is enough to scare any attacker away.

Hyper Whistle world's loudest whistle

12. Pepper Spray Ring

A very well disguised self defense weapon, the pepper spray ring looks just like any normal ring you would be wearing on your fingers yet holds a secret.

A small amount of pepper spray concealed within the ring and a small push button easily accessible with your thumb on the site. It will allow you to spray pepper spray straight into the face of the attacker rendering them blind (ish) where you will have the opportunity to run away or practice your self defense moves and give out a swift kick in the testicle area.

Pepper Spray RIng

13. Belt Buckle Knife

One for the gents maybe? The majority of us wear a belt. However this belt is rather different. While placed in its “sheath” the belt buckle looks just like a standard buckle and nobody will be aware of what is hidden within.

I’d approach carrying this around with caution though, it’s a serious weapon due to the length and sharpness of the blade and I imagine could land you in some very deep water. I again reiterate to check with local laws.

Once you remove the metal buckle from within the belt it’s like removing a blade from it’s sheath, so the belt buckle knife become an actual lethal weapon.

Hidden Knife Belt Buckle

14. Tactical Self Defense Pen

Again perhaps more of a survival gadget, the tactical self defense pen has many uses and is very popular. Not only does it function as a fully fledged ballpoint pen it can be used for many other situations too.

The end of the pen, the pointy bit can be used for breaking glass in emergencies or attacking your attacker in self defence.

Made in aircraft grade aluminium the tactical pen is unbreakable!

Carry it around with you as you would a normal pen and use the mesh end as a stylus for tablets and smart phones, it comes with a lifetime warranty too and a very affordable price tag.

Tactical Self Defense Pen

15. 50 Cent Coin With Hidden Knife

The 50 cent coin knife has been around for years and has become increasingly popular, largely due to how easy it is to conceal. Pop it in among your change, but be sure not to try and pay with it.

It’s identical to a real 50 cent coin but separates into two halves, with one half concealing a sharp circular blade perfect for defending yourself in an attack.

You’re not going to do any real damage with this surgical like blade but you may just give off a pretty mean paper cut. Completely disguised nobody would ever suspect this is a blade.

Knife Disguised As A 50 Cent Coin

16. Self Defense Baseball Cap By Gotcha

One of my favorites from the list the baseball cap by Gotcha has been designed with self defense in mind. Although not a lethal weapon it’s enough to help you fend off any attackers.

Featuring a low profile concealed weapon in the bill of the cap that can be easily removed at a moments notice.

The actual cap itself is made by Fab Defense, from 100% high grade cotton and has a velcro patch which allows you to attach patches of your own choosing.

One size fits all with this disguised self defense weapon baseball cap and it comes in a range of colors and styles.

Baseball Cap Self Defense Weapon By Gotcha

17. Pepper Spray Pen

Simple in design, well disguised and effective. This self defense pen looks just like your usual harmless pen. Although I suppose pens and pencils are actually not all that harmless especially in the hands of trained assasins like John Wick…”with a fuc**ng pencil” I love that part of the movie.

Anyway fill it up with pepper spray, put it in your pocket and when the time comes pop off the lid and spray! Perp down.

Pepper Spray Disguised as a Pen

18. Kuba Kicks Sneakers & Shoes Weapon

The Kuba-Kicz are designed to be a disguised non-lethal self defense weapon, put them in your shoe laces and they are always ready to go.

Sold in single units you should place the kuba kicks in the laces of your most powerful foot and leg to allow for maximum impact when you kick your attacker.

You’ll not even notice that they are there once you have attached them to the shoe, they are durable and tough but very lightweight.

A fantastic choice of self defense weapon for walkers, hikers, runners or those of you who work late nights. Completely legal and may just save your life. Kick the attacker hard in the legs or shins and they are going to feel it.

Self Defense Sneaker & Shoe Concealed Weapon

19. Knife Necklace Pendant Shaped Like a Leaf

Most of you wear a necklace or some kind of pendant and most are probably very pretty. However they wont potentially save your life.

The leaf pendant necklace is a very well designed disguised self defense weapon that can be accessed with ease.

Hidden away in the “pretty” leaf-like design is a razor sharp blade. One that will almost certainly do a good amount of damage to an attacker allowing you time to run away or attack again.

Created from stainless steel and surgical metal, the leaf knife pendant is durable and highly effective.

Knife Pendant Knecklace Shaped Like a Leaf disguised self defense weapon

20. Cell Phone Stun Gun Taser

Everyone has one! A mobile phone, OK the stun gun mobile phone isn’t the best looking out there. However its something you can safely carry around with you that will protect you from all kinds of bad guys!

As soon as you feel in danger, just take out your cell phone ready. You’re not going to be making a call this time though.

Charge it before you leave the house via the USB charger and the Lithium batteries will give out a massive shock.  At just less than 5 inches tall, it is easy to conceal this weapon and it is lightweight enough for you to take it with you in your pocket.

UPDATE: There is now a version of the cell phone stun gun created by streetwise security products that looks just like the latest smartphone.

Stun Gun Taser Disguised as Cell Phone - concealed self defense weapons

21. Walking Stick Stun Gun

Targeting the elderly, disabled and those with a love of hiking, this cane is not all as it seems.

It’s a multi purpose walking stick that doubles up as an effective disguised self defense weapon. Oh and a flashlight. So if you don’t have the chance to zap them, shine the ultra bright LED torch in their eyes instead and blind them.

You will need to of course make sure it’s fully charged before you leave home so they feel the full force of the stun gun. Stun guns are illegal in some states so please ensure you check first.

Walking Stick Stun Gun - unique disguised self defense weapon


So there you have it 20 of the best disguised self defense weapons that could possibly save your life or at the very least your credit cards, purse or wallet. Failing that you’re not going to lose a bar fight if you’re carrying one of these .

Do you know of any more disguised or concealed weapons for the purpose of self defense? If you do be sure to drop us a comment in the comments below and we might just add it to our list!

Again though on a serious note please do check with your local laws before making any purchase or carrying any of the above self defense weapons around with you. We wouldn’t want you landing yourself in hot water or being locked up.

Written by Geek Steve

Geeky entrepreneur from the UK just trying to pay the bills. I've been involved in affiliate marketing and web design for about 10 years now and it's not only a side hustle but a passion too. When I'm not working I enjoy the hobby of metal detecting, gadgets, playing the guitar and writing. I am the owner and one of the authors here at Geekz Gifts.

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