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Golf as a game needs a lot of focus and concentration. The traditional ball used in a golf course is white in color but what if you had the option of choosing something which was more lively and creative. In addition, it was easy to spot on the golf course. This is where the emoji golf balls come in. They are a great gag gift for the golf player in your life.

Emoji golf balls

There are multiple sets of emoji golf balls available in the market ranging from 3 in a pack to 12 in a pack. One thing to keep in mind is that although these balls look and feel the same as a typical golf ball, they might not be the most perfect option for improving your golf game. 

The 12 pack that we have recommended comes with a set of 12 unique non-repeated emoji faces. The balls are extremely eye catchy as well. The product is extremely durable and can be used with the traditional golf clubs.

Who is the perfect recipient for this product?

  • Usually people who are golf fanatics are extremely fussy to buy for as they would end up choosing any golf equipment or gadget that might help them in improving their game. That is where thoughtful and creative gifts like the emoji balls come in. They will be a really great surprise gift for them.
  • Will make for a perfect gift for beginner golf practitioner’s and for kids.
  • These golf balls are awesome novelty gifts and if you are looking for an inexpensive thoughtful gift option for the golf lover in your office, they will make for a perfect choice.

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