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Dancing jesus toy

Dancing jesus toy

The dancing Jesus toy is your savior when it comes to teaching you some pretty cool dance moves.

The dancing jesus toy

The worlds smallest dancing Jesus comes complete with a guide booklet that teaches you step by step each of his 12 dance moves.

You’ve got the Water Walk, The Temptation, The Cheek Turn, The Carpenter Clog and many more that are also very aptly named.

To activate the dancing with Jesus toy you simply wake him up by giving him a little tap and off he goes shaking his stuff.

The booklet is complete with 32 detailed pages that break down each dance move in simpleton turns so you can learn them perfectly and show off at your next disco.

If Jesus walked the earth today he’d be ready to collect lots of $$$’s in some royalties with all of these products that have been launched in his image, like the Cheesus Jesus Grilled Toaster here.

He stands about 7cm tall approximately and you can be sure of a laugh or two from this funny novelty Jesus toy.

Written by Geek Steve

Geeky entrepreneur from the UK just trying to pay the bills. I've been involved in affiliate marketing and web design for about 10 years now and it's not only a side hustle but a passion too. When I'm not working I enjoy the hobby of metal detecting, gadgets, playing the guitar and writing. I am the owner and one of the authors here at Geekzgifts.

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