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Best gifts for dragon lovers

Gifts for dragon lovers

Dragons are the most popular mythical creatures out there. Owing to the huge numbers of dragon related creative work including books, movies, TV shows and games, thousands of people love dragons, their majesty and magnificence. Some even love dragons like some real animals. This makes choosing the right gifts for dragon lovers not as easy. There are thousands of beautiful and aesthetic gift items, related to this majestic mythical creature that people love.

Gifts for dragon lovers

Here are some of the best gifts for dragon lovers in your life that you can buy.

Dragon necklace or medallion pendant

Give the dragon lovers a chance to flaunt their lover for the mythical creatures with these pendants that have dragons encrusted with them. Especially if they look kind of like a medallion. If they have any certain show references like Game of Thrones or The Witcher, it will be like a cherry on the top.

A fantasy book series with dragons as characters | One of the best gifts for dragon lovers

The next gift you could give your dragon loving friend is the books on dragons. If your friend loves to read books, this is your calling. Buy some of the fantasy books with dragons in them. Arguably one of the most famous such book series is the Game of thrones series by George R.R. martin called ‘The Song of Ice and Fire’.

You can also check out the book series ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ by Cressida Cowell. These books will definitely make them overjoyed. You can also gift whole box-sets which are available online.

A dragon themed showpiece or figurine for your home and office

What more can a dragon lover want than a showpiece of a dragon. Especially the statue of a dragon. Small dragon statues can be used as souvenirs and some of them are also believed to bring luck and happiness for the owner.

Dragon themed pen and pencil holder

You can gift your dragon loving friend, a pen-stand that resembles a dragon. It is quite the catch and boasts of amazing craftsmanship.

Dragon chain bracelet

The dragon chain bracelet looks like a majestic, roaring dragon. It gives a solid style statement and will give a very dapper style statement. If you think your dragon loving friend is also a fashion enthusiast, then go for it. 

Dragon cosmetics make up bag

Do you have a girl in your life who cannot stop obsessing over dragons? Then you can give them a cosmetics bag with a message that allows them to flaunt their obsession.They will be overjoyed.

Dragon leather journal diary and notebook

Do you want to know what your dragon loving friend will swoon over? It is none other than a diary with an ancient dragon on it. It will be a gift of grandeur and magnificence. You want to gift your friend something pocket friendly yet gothic aesthetic, then go for it.

Mythical dragon treasure trinket box

These dazzling trinket boxes with a dragon are really a work of art. They look like a box to lock away special totems or some very precious stones and have an ancient, gothic feel to them.

Dragon night light LED lamp

If that little person of your family loves dragons and wants to ride them one day, gift them this beautiful toy which also works as a lamp in the dark. They will love it.

Dragon themed coffee mug

Unique coffee mugs are available dime a dozen but every few months we find one that really makes us awestruck. This dragon themed coffee mug is one such product. It comes with a goth aesthetic and kind of looks like a mead cup. It also looks very ancient and mystical. The coffee mug would definitely make for a great conversation starter during your coffee breaks.

Game of Thrones dragon eggs in wooden crate

If your friend is a big Game of thrones fan and if they love dragons then get them the dragon eggs so that they can work them and make them hatch. They will love it. They are exact replicas of the three dragon eggs of Daenerys Targaryen from the show and books ‘Games of thrones’.

A dragon themed plush stuffed toy

Gift your dragon loving friend a dragon plushy. It is very fluffy. It is perfect to play with or keep by your side while sleeping. It also works as a neck pillow. And what would be better than having the most fearsome, mythical creatures transformed to a cuddly friend.

Medieval themed lidded dragon trinket jewelry box

Gift your acquaintances a treasure trove to store their jewelry with a beautiful jewelry box with a cute dragon on it. It is beautifully chic and portable . They will lose their minds when they get it.

Decorative dragon chest with dragon sculpture on top

Okay, one of a kind gift for your dragon-loving friend will be a saving box where they can lock away their secret things and which will have a dragon sculpture on it.

Dragon themed walking cane

Wanna surprise someone in your life with a gothic walking stick with a face of a dragon engraved on it. They will love it. This walking stick can be used as a showpiece as well as a walking cane. If you cannot fly with a dragon at least you get to walk with one.

Dragon themed feng shui art piece

What more can that friend of yours love more than a dragon art piece. Inspired by feng shui, this dragon art piece is a brass desktop dragon wind-bell. It will help in getting peace of mind with soothing sounds, made with the attached rammer.

Video games featuring dragons

If the dragon lover in your life is also a fan of video games, you can gift them a game like the Dragon age origins, Dragon’s Dogma or Dragon Quest. They will definitely fall in love with it.

Movies and TV series featuring dragons

If your friend loves movies with dragons in them, you can gift them DVD sets of films/ TV shows like How to Train Your Dragon and Game of Thrones.

Gamewright Dragonrealm – A Strategy Card and Dice Game of Goblins & Gold

If someone loves dragons and is also a fan of board games, you can gift them the perfect board game called Dragon realm. It is perfect for a home party and will make their faces light up.

Dragon Resin Candle Holder

A dragon statue with a candle holder embedded in it. Quite the catch isn’t it? Buy this one and the dragon lover in your life will adore it and protect it with his/her life. It has a vintage feeling to it and they are going to love it.

Cute baby dragon resin figurine

What can be prettier than that? And as a  cherry on the top, it is cute. It is perfect for your dragon loving friend. It gives a semi-gothic vibe and I say you should go for it.

Antique dragon unique glow in the dark bookmark

Gift your friend a beautiful bookmark which has a dragon figurine. It is made of metal and it glows in dark.

Dragon warm throw blanket

There is nothing more comforting than having something dangerous protect you and give you peace of mind. This beautiful blanket with a fiery dragon on it is not only warm but it looks absolutely beautiful as well.

Mythical guardian dragon trinket box statue

A dragon statue which hides a mystical book, isn’t it just splendid? Your dragon loving friend will love it. It is a gothic statue and has a dark tone to it.

Dragon illusion LED light | Exciting gift for medieval dragons lovers

An illusion lamp that has a flying dragon in it. This is one of the most perfect gifts for dragon lovers you know. It is extremely cool with neon colors and a beautiful design.

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